Software Implementation
  • Software implementation can be defined in multiple ways; it could new software development and implementation, software integration with existing software or upgrading existing software with new features and implementation of the same.
  • In each of this scenario, in depth study and analysis is required to understand the fundamental objectives of the software implementation, draw up an implementation with clearly laid down mile stone delivery system and implement the software in line with the requirements.
  • Testing as always play a significant role in software implementation, and the software need to be tested manually and in automated way before implementation.

How XEC Helps its Clients
  • We excel in software implementation in all scenarios; where a new software implementation, upgrades or integration.
  • This turnkey solution that we offer all under one roof give us that distinct advantage in helping our clients with cost cutting measure and time to market acceleration.
  • Our deep knowledge and expertise in all software implementation tools, technologies enable in analyzing and recommending the right fit technologies and its implementation. 

Value we bring to our clients
  • The major areas of challenges in software implementation are the errors, or bugs. These bugs and errors have to be eliminated before implementation.
  • We ensure we carry out all forms of tests such as smoke test, load test, coding test and UI, UX tests to make sure the software is completely bug free before implementation.
  • After the UAT test, we continuously monitor the software after going live and ensure the software functions in line with the requirements.