Software Development
  • Software Development refers to all software used by a company or an organization including but not limited to financial accounting, inventory control, web applications, CRM’s, and web portals.
  • The software development requires in depth study and analysis of the existing software, their upgrades if required, new software requirements, specific understanding of the requirements and development & deployment strategies.
  • The resources, tools and technologies have to identify in consonance with requirements and a road map implementation plan has to be formulated to initiate the process.

How XEC Helps its Clients
  • XEC possess the necessary wherewithal in terms of resources, tools and technologies expertise to identify, document needed to design, develop and implement the software.
  • We have the necessary skills and expertise in software development technologies such as .NET, PHP, DevOps, AngularJS, HMTL, CSS, MySQL, MSSQL and all other open source tools and technologies.
  • XEC over years has successfully designed, developed and deployed myriad software development projects for our clients in different industry sectors and also providing maintenance support to ensure continuity.

Value we bring to our clients
  • Our understanding of the web technologies and the expertise we possess in software development backed by a strong team of software engineers with enormous experience give us that edge in adding value to our clients.
  • We leverage emerging technologies such as DevOps and AngularJS in building web applications and software to ensure speed, agility and robustness.
  • The time to market acceleration and cost effectiveness matters a lot. We plan and schedule the software development process and deliver the software within time and budget.