Penetration Testing
  • Penetration testing also called as pen test or ethical hacking is defined as a process to review, analyse and report the security gaps existing in an IT infrastructure, network or an application so that remedial measure could be taken to thwart any attack.
  • Penetration testing can be done manually or through automated process using tools and application. In both ways, the process usually is to gather information, identifying the threats levels and take appropriate measures.
  • XEC, since inception has been working with top notch organization in penetration testing area working with the infrastructure, web and network assets carrying our periodic testing and ensuring they are free from internal and external threats.

How XEC Helps its Clients
  • The main purpose, objective of penetration testing is to identify security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in accordance with the security policy and its compliance.
  • We review the entire infrastructure along with the policy and compliance statement and go about meticulously following laid down principles and guidelines.
  • We ensure we identify the vulnerabilities report and document them and eliminate any threat and neutralize them.

Value we bring to our clients
  • The value we bring to the table is besides from identifying and eliminating threats, we train the employees in all aspects of security guidelines and compliance that need to followed in daily activities.
  • We carry out periodic maintenance support on contractual basis and deploy experienced testing engineers and ensure our client’s IT infrastructure and all other web assets are safe and secure.
  • We continuously update and upgrade all the tools and technologies and leverage them for our testing purposes to stay in tune with tomorrow and add value to our clients businesses.