Vulnerability Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment is basically a study research and analysis of the existing web assets including but not limited to applications, systems, IT infrastructure such as networks.
  • The identification of the vulnerabilities in terms of issues, concerns and challenges such as security gaps, defects their severity levels so that appropriate recommendations can be made for their testing and resolution.
  • Vulnerability Assessment is extremely crucial and has become a part of technology auditing for any organization so that assessment can be tracked, analysed to take informed decisions.

How XEC Helps its Clients
  • We at XEC possess the necessary resources, skills, expertise to carry out an in depth vulnerability assessment and recommend the right tools, technologies and fix the issues.
  • We go about methodically following the best practices, deploying right tools and technologies so that we can recommend the best strategies and implementation plan.
  • The evaluation process provides a step by step guide to all the stake holders in terms vulnerabilities, risk factors and the measures to be taken to address those concerns.

Value we bring to our clients
  • We deploy professionals with appropriate domain expertise capabilities to carry out the vulnerable assessment which helps in giving our clients identify, address and resolve the challenges.
  • We bring to the table domain expertise capabilities, tools, technologies, best practices time tested methodologies and meticulous planning helps our clients to take informed decisions.
  • At XEC our objective is to identify, track, assess the vulnerabilities and recommend right fit solutions for improved efficiency and increased productivity.