At XEC our vision is to build a core technology company that leverages the most advanced cutting edge technologies, and deliver cost effective yet high powered performance oriented technology solutions to our clients.

We envision creating a culture where all stake holders within and outside the company thrive in building and deploying core technology solutions helping our clients grow, which inevitably paves the way for our growth. 

Core Competency

Our core competency lies in implementing Core Insurance Systems, building web and mobility applications using the most advanced technologies, and most importantly keeping our clients objectives and goals ahead of anything. For we believe growth of our clients is intricately embedded in our own growth. Our focus and endeavour is to hire, train and nurture high quality resources and build core technology capability that will deliver and meet our clients’ business objectives.

We firmly believe in not just customer satisfaction but delighting the customer. And we do that by enhancing the requirements with new features, thus adding value. We deliver IT Consultancy, IT Advisory, Security, Web Applications Testing & Maintenance, Software Development, Web, ERP Solutions centered on the business goals of the clients.

We make sure our team of technologists are continuously and consistently trained in the latest and advanced upcoming technologies so that they remain in consonance with the advances in technologies.

Key Differentiators

The following points clearly and lucidly outline the factors on how different we are as a technology solutions providing company:

  • XEC believes time and money are crucial to our clients. We deliver high quality technology solutions within time and budget.
  • We ensure we build capabilities in multiple domains and verticals so that we can reach out to wide array of clients in different sectors
  • Our technology deliverables are integrated in the existing digital and web assets of our clients with hitch or glitch for business continuity.
  • We document, and train our clients in deployed solutions for consistency and smooth execution.
  • We offer service level agreements and maintenance of the deployed solutions and our tech. team will remain at clients’ disposal 24/7.